The Chattahoochee Evening Stars

Our Story

The Chattahoochee Evening Stars have many annual, semi-annual,
monthly and even weekly events to help further our goal of promoting
quilting and fostering friendship. Some of these events include:

Tuesday Evening Bee

If you like to enjoy the camaraderie of quilting with other quilters, join us for our Tuesday Evening Bee. This is an open bee, open each month to anyone who would like to attend. It was started as a way to share the wealth of knowledge of so many of the gifted quilters in our community. When it comes to quilting, we all have special skills and talents to be shared and some of us are stronger in some areas than in others. If you are new to quilting, this is a great opportunity to ask questions and get the input of more experienced quilters. If you are a more experienced quilter and have discovered something great that you would like to share, we would love to hear about it. If you want to just sit and talk or bring something to work on, whether handwork or machine work, there is room for both. The group meets on the third Tuesday of the month. We are meeting by Zoom, so contact Barbara if you plan to attend. For information contact the Quilting Bee Coordinator

Community Service

Our community service event is usually held at the July meeting. In recent years, we have participated in making turbans for women undergoing cancer treatments and placemats for a local Meals on Wheels program.  We regularly participate in community groups by making dog beds for a local shelter, pillowcases for hospitalized children, baby quilts for disadvantaged families, masks for groups that are in need and many other activities.

CES quilt guild has also decided to partner with the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild in starting a new community service venture.  We will be making scent cloths to donate to Northside Hospital.  This will be an ongoing project that members can do on their own at any time and drop off at any meeting.  The scent cloths will be used in the NICU to help the babies and their families.  The cloths are very simple to make and consist of 2 pieces of flannel sewn together that are worn inside the clothing of the parents of children in the NICU.  Since the parents can’t be at the hospital with their children 24 hours a day, the cloths absorb their scent while wearing them, and are left behind in the incubator when the parents leave.  Studies show that smell is one of the earliest senses that develop, and newborn babies can identify their mother’s scent at birth.  Having these scent cloths near them helps calm the babies, even when their parents aren’t present.  They also help strengthen the bond between the babies and their parents, since they are often prevented from touching or cuddling their babies due to medical issues and equipment.  The hospital estimates a need of approximately 100 sets of scent cloths a month.  

For more information contact the Community Service Chairperson

Sip N' Sew

These are weekly meetings to work on sewing projects, ask questions and share solutions with other guild members. Currently offered by Zoom, these meetings are offered during the day and in the evenings to accommodate varied schedules. Meets twice monthly 2nd: Thursday 1:00pm – 3:00pm EST, 4th Wednesday 7:00pm – 9:00 EST

Annual Holiday Party

The holiday party is the guild’s way of both celebrating the holiday season and the accomplishments of guild members throughout the year. There are always a wonderful, drawings for door prizes, a charity to support and other surprises. It is held during the regularly scheduled December meeting.

Tiny Stitches

Members make infant/childrens quilts throughout the year that are donated to Tiny Stitches, which provides layette
sets and infant burial sets for newborns in families that have financial difficulty, as well as to SAFFT (Supporting
Adoption and Foster Families Together), which provides support for foster children in the local area.

Ryans Case for Smiles

Throughout the year, our members make pillowcases for Ryans Case for Smiles. These pillowcases are distributed to children with medical issues that require long term stays in the hospital as a way to bring color and fun into their hospital room. We use colorful, bright, kid friendly fabrics to make homemade pillowcases in a variety of themes. The kids are allowed to pick their own special pillowcase to use in their room and keep upon their discharge. Pillowcase kits are available for members to take home and sew for this wonderful program. Click here for more information about Ryans Case for Smiles.

Other Charity Projects

Our quilters also save their fabric scraps, which are made into dog beds and donated to local charities that support pet adoption and care.
All of these activities are optional. But, our generous group makes them a priority and we have contributed many finished projects to our community partners.