Our Exciting 2021 Programs


January 4 Quiltmania, Inc. via Zoom

Carol Veillon, President of Quiltmania, Inc. will be joining us from France via Zoom to share what it takes to be a magazine publisher.  Quiltmania is the publisher of specialty quilt magazines (Simply Modern, Simply Vintage and QUILTmania) and various books.


  • Annual Business Meeting
  • 2020 UFO Awards
  • Introduce Annual Guild Challenge
  • January 14 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • January 19 Tuesday Bee Group
  • January 27 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm



She will be joining us via Zoom on Sunday, January 31st for a workshop, and then Monday, February 1, at our Guild meeting.


  • Workshop: January 31, “Mini Improv Puzzle Blocks” with Cindy Grisdela via Zoom
  • Program: February 1, “Anatomy of an Improv Quilt” by Cindy Grisdela via Zoom

We are so excited to introduce our first national speaker for 2021—Cindy Grisdela, contemporary art quilter!

Cindy Grisdela, from Reston, VA, is an award-winning fiber artist with over 30 years experience creating eye-catching quilts. She specializes in improvisational quilt designs and dense free motion quilting, and she travels extensively all over the country teaching and lecturing to guilds and groups. She is excited by the opportunities to continue sharing her work using live online classes and lectures.
Cindy is the author of, “ Artful Improv: Explore Color Recipes, Building Blocks Free Motion Quilting”, published by C&T Publishing. Her quilt designs have been published in numerous books and magazines, and she appeared in three episodes of Quilting Arts TV—#2101, #2104, and #2213—discussing Fearless Curved Piecing, Scrappy Improv Blocks, and Secrets of the Art ShowCircuit.
She was awarded Best Use of Color – Innovative at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in 2019 and Best of Show at the Downtown Art Festival in Gainesville, FL in 2015, among other awards.

Anatomy of an Improv Quilt.

Have you ever wondered how to create an Improv Quilt without a pattern? Where do you start? How do you know when it’s finished?  Cindy will share her tips and tricks in this entertaining lecture about the process for working improvisationally from start to finish.
Workshop: Mini Improv Puzzle Blocks. Create a small quilt using Improv Log Cabin blocks and Angled Stripes in a variety of sizes and put them together into a unique
composition–like a jigsaw puzzle. There’s no measuring or precise cutting and each quilt will be unique. Students may also choose to include orphan blocks or leftovers from other projects. We will discuss color choices and using simple design principles to create an original dynamic composition.





  • Introduce ‘Leftovers’ Placemat Challenge
  • February 11 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • February 16 Tuesday Bee Group
  • February 24 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm


Program: March 1 Barn Quilts via Zoom
Workshop: : February 28, Barn Quilts via Zoom


  • March 11 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • March 16 Tuesday Bee Group
  • Virtual Retreat March 21 & 22
  • March 24 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm


Program: April 5 Lisa Wise, Re-Loom


  • April 8 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • April 20 Tuesday Bee Group
  • April 28 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm


Workshop: May 2 “Wonky Star” by Mary Kerr
Program: May 3 “Out of the Trunk and Off the Table” by Mary Kerr, Historian


  • Introduce Pin Cushion Exchange
  • May 13 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • May 18 Tuesday Bee Group
  • May 26 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm


Program: June 7, “Color Theory” by Anne Sullivan


  • June 10 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • June 15 Tuesday Bee Group
  • June 23 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm



  • July 8 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm

  • July 12 Annual Community Service Sew day

  • ‘Jingle Bell’ Member Trunk Show

  • ‘Leftovers’ Placemat Challenge Due

  • July 20 Tuesday Bee Group

  • July 28 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm



  • August 2 Vintage & Antique
  • Member Trunk Show
  • August 12 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • August 17 Tuesday Bee Group
  • August 25 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm


Program: September 13 “Shoot Your Quilt” via Zoom by Trudy Cleveland
Workshop: September 18 & 19 “How to Photograph Your Quilts Like A Pro” via Zoom by Trudy Cleveland.



  • September 9 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm

  • September 21 Tuesday Bee Group

  • September 22 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm


October 4 Program: Annual Member Garage Sale Member Spotlight Demos



  • October 14 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm

  • October 19 Tuesday Bee Group

  • October 27 Sip N’ Sew 7-9pm



  • November 1 Annual Guild Challenge Due Pin Cushion Exchange 2022 Officer Election
  • November 11 Sip N’ Sew 1-3pm
  • November 16 Tuesday Bee Group



  • December 6 Holiday Party