Get Ready For Our Exciting 2017 Programs!!




January 9th – Business Meeting


February - Christa Watson



Christa ( is known for her beautiful, modern quilting featured in several books as well as her blog. Christa stumbled on modern quilting in 2012 and has been an active member of the modern movement ever since. You may recognize Christa as part of the well-known duo of Angela Walters and Christa Watson. Angela is the long arm quilter and Christa is the sit down quilter. Christa will be joining us for both a lecture as well as a workshop.



Christa will be teaching a machine quilting workshop (you will need to bring your own machine).  She will be teaching us how to quilt wavy lines and irregular grids, decorative stitches, uneven straight lines, large continuous spirals, interesting loop variations, modern alternatives to stippling, and geometric ribbon candy variations. When I talked with Christa she said that although her work is generally her works is considered modern, many of these designs will work very well for more traditional quilts.  Click here for the supply list.


February 6th - Lecture - The Ultimate Trunkshow

Christa enjoys making quilts from beginning to end and will be sharing many of the quilts from her books and patterns.  She will also be sharing tips and tricks for how to achieve excellent results on your domestic machine.  This is your opportunity to get up close and personal and take as many pictures of them as you like!


March 6th - Virginia Greaves


Virginia is one of our amazing local talents.  Virginia started out as a quilter in 2000 and developed her own style which she calls “textile painting”.  She particularly enjoys creating portraits in fabric and many of us have probably seen her work like “Worn” which took View’s Choice at the 2015 East Cobb Show or “Beach Guardians” which hung in our own show in 2012.  Virginia will join us for a lecture.


April - Eileen Williams



Eileen is a well know fiber artist from North Carolina and you may recognize her work from a recent appearance on episode #1811 of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson! Eileen is know for her wonderful fabric and fiber interpretations of nature. Eileen has won numerous awards in quilt and art shows and her fiber art creations are in many private collections and public, hospital, and office settings.  Eileen will be joining us for both a lecture and a workshop.


April 2nd - Workshop

This is a one day class that teaches a basic machine curved piecing technique for creating a mini art quilt.  The creative process is FUN and best of all there really is no right or wrong.  Eileen will give you tips on how to create a realistic scene.  Students are welcome to bring a photo if they would like to work from that and/or inspirational pictures and examples will be provided in class.  This is a full day class and a great chance to use those bits of lace, embellishment fibers, beads, etc. that you have always wanted to play with.  We will cover some fundamental elements of design, and explore ideas for embellishments, binding and edge finishing, and hanging options.  Click here for the supply list.


April 3rd - Lecture - Eileen will be doing a trunk show of her many nature scapes.


May 1st - Diane Knott 

It has been a while since Diane joined us last.  And since the last time, she has had a book released!  So, Diane will be joining us for a trunk show and lecture to talk about all the quilts she has made since last time.


June 5th – Jan Cunningham

Many of us know Jan from the East Cobb Quilt Guild, but this will be the first time that she will be coming to join us for a lecture and trunk show to show off her beautiful work!


July 10th - Annual Charity Event


August 7th – Lynn Rinehart

Sew Fast and Take Chances


September – No regular meeting - Stay tuned!


October - Karla Alexander

It has been about five years since Karla ( last came to visit us and Karla has lots of new stuff to share.  Many of us may know Karla from her many books; Stack the Deck! Crazy Quilts in 4 Easy Steps!, Stack a New Deck!, New Cuts for New Quilts, Baby Wraps! Color Shuffle, Stack The Deck - Revisited and her newest book, Dynamic Quilts with easy Curves.  In addition, Karla has been featured on numerous shows including The Quilt Show.


October 1st - Workshop

Last time Karla joined us, we had one of largest number of quilt completions from any workshop!  I think this is largely due to Karla's super do-able methods and the amazing effects it creates.  Join us as Karla teaches us how sewing circles can be fun and easy!  Come ready to experiment and learn new exciting techniques to create waves, perfect circles, free-form cut ovals, arc and gentle curves.   Here is the supply list for the 4 quilts we will be working on.  


October 2nd - Lecture

LIFT THE QUILTS OUT OF YOUR STASH - An informative discussion for quilt makers of all skill levels and experience.  You will be looking at your stash in a whole new way and actually start using your fabric rather than just admiring it!  Enjoy the confidence you'll gain exploring traditional and untraditional quilt methods by adding your own twist!  Tips will inspire excitement, creating unexpected surprises ready to be quilted into your next project!  Challenge yourself to take small or bold steps as you learn to work with your fabric and create your own methods and styles.  A trunk show with lots of and lots of quilts will illustrate many different styles of quilts as well as subjects discussed.


November – 2017 Modern Masterpiece

Based on an interesting program we had earlier this year, you must complete a "Modern Masterpiece" of your own. Rules are fairly loose, 15 x 15 to 50x50 size wise. The caveat or "twist"to this challenge is you must use a recognizable amount ( more than an inch square, yes, I have been asked) of your birthstone color.


December – Holiday Party