The Chattahoochee Evening Stars have many annual, semi-annual, monthly and even weekly events to help further our goal of promoting quilting and fostering friendship. Some of these events include:


2019 Guild Challenge -  Rhyme Tyme

With all the sad news of fires and hurricanes this last year, I wanted us to do something more practical. How many times have we said “ if only I had known” or “ if I had the time.” So this year’s project is to make a quilt to be given away.


Size -  minimum of 28 in. X 32 in. Maximum is up to your imagination.

Colors - must use a recognizable amount of your favorite AND least favorite color.

Embellishments - must be sewn on sturdily.  Think about giving to a grandchild, etc.

Requested - not required. With a nod to Janey Stokes and Storybook Quilts, I would love to see the quilts given with a book. The book could be about nursery rhymes, old or modern, or could be about going to bed I.e. Sandra Boston’s “Going to Bed” board book. Dr Suess book would be perfect.

Any question..... contact Jessica Page.

Tuesday Evening Bee

If you like to enjoy the camaraderie of quilting with other quilters, please join us for our Tuesday Evening Bee. This is an open bee and will be open each month to anyone who would like to attend. The Tuesday Evening Bee was started as a way to share the wealth of knowledge of so many of the gifted quilters' in our community. When it comes to quilting, we all have special skills and talents to be shared and some of us are stronger in some areas than in others. If you are new to quilting, this is a great opportunity to ask questions and get the input of more experienced quilters. If you are a more experienced quilter and have discovered something great that you would like to share, we would love to hear about it. If you want to just sit and talk or bring something to work on, whether handwork or machine work, there is room for both. The group meets on the third Tuesday of the month.  Location does change, so contact Barbara if you plan to attend. 

If you have questions about Tuesday Evening Bee, please contact Barbara Means.

Annual Christmas Party

The holiday party is the guild's way of both celebrating the holiday season and the accomplishments of guild members throughout the year.  These activities include bringing covered dish for dinner, dress in certain ways, sign thank you cards, making quilt blocks, and arriving on time to name just a few.  The annul Christmas Party is held at the regularly scheduled December meeting.


Turban Committee Service

The guild’s annual Community Service event will be at the August 2019 meeting.

As a guild we participate in making turbans for the Potter’s Touch turban ministry charity for their distribution to Women impacted by chemotherapy.

Our Mission: Provide comfortable and attractive head coverings for adults and children undergoing cancer treatment.

What We Do: Linda Potter, who was battling ovarian cancer, started this ministry in January 2003. During the past sixteen years the Potter’s Touch outreach has grown, and more than 21,000 head coverings have been distributed. Each month, approximately 150 turbans and caps are delivered to the American Cancer Society, Chemoflage (similar to ACS’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program,) Mitchell Cancer center in Alabama,  Gwinnett County area oncology offices, and individuals in our church, community, and beyond. 

For questions on guild charitable efforts, please contact Korri Iracondo.

Looking forward to a ‘charitable’ 2019!